Our Story...

"Jewelry always fits!"


"It's ok to be a little obsessed with jewelry"

Dynamis (Greek δῠ́νᾰμῐς) is an Ancient Greek word that means power, might, strength.


DYNAMIS JEWELRY was founded in 2015 by a ukrainian family in Canada (British Columbia). But everything started even sooner back in Ukraine when the head of this family (a newly married young man) learnt some new skills from a professional jeweler. Since then this type of craftsmanship became his hobby and passion. He started soldering first copper and then silver at home on the windowsill. The first customers where friends and family members :) 


Everything changed after moving to Canada. We decided to open our Etsy shop. In a few years Dynamis Jewelry YouTube channel was created and only in May 2020 we came to the point where we opened our own website and here you are :) If you are looking for a perfect and everlasting masterpiece, you’ll be able to find it here.


We are definitely one of the best in crafting high quality sterling silver jewelry!

Visit our YouTube channel to stay tuned and find out more about DYNAMIS Jewelry :)